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June 6, 2009

David's proposal to Emily

When I first read about a proposal being photographed at my friend Corinna's blog, I thought..wow.. what an awesome idea. I always had this in mind. I hoped I’d have the chance to photograph a surprise proposal. Well… yesterday when I received a call from David about the possibility of photographing his proposal to Emily, I got so excited! We talked on the phone and we decided to meet at the UNF nature trails where the proposal would take place. What made this fun is that I had to find a place to hide so Emily wouldn’t suspect anything.
So today, I put a big hat on, wore some sunglasses and headed to the trails to wait for them. I was pretending I was taking pictures of bugs on the floor the whole time, while waiting for the moment when David would ask Emily to marry him.
It didn’t take long for him to ask her since the mosquitoes were eating us alive! (lol).

I think David is so sweet and I am so proud of him for doing this! Being able to capture an event like this hopefully will be an inspiration for many of you guys out there. :-)

Congratulations Emily and David! I’m so excited for you!

Emily and David getting at the picnic area. Emily is getting the table ready.
by looking at her smile, here is when he starts...

she said yes!!

David tells her to say hello.

Emily got so excited to see her ring

they are so cute together

David is the happiest man !